"Crystal Ashley's kindness, compassion and her ability to be present with her clients' needs is second to none. Her competence in telepathic animal communication is one of the highest I have found in this field...I have recommended Crystal to all my friends."

--Jungyon, British Columbia

" For eight years Crystal's animal communication services have enriched the connection I have with my animals. Crystal's work is marked by honesty, good humor, a positive attitude and commitment to clearly convey the animal's real message. "

--Sally L., Wisconsin



"While we were on vacation, our dog Hoover became extremely ill with what had all the signs of an intestinal blockage. Our house sitter did not see anything that he might have gotten into, but he did not get better. 

"When we returned home, we took him to the vet and the ultrasound showed no blockage.   As he became more ill and the veterinarians involved were not willing to do exploratory surgery, it was clear that somehow we needed to know what was happening inside our dog.  I contacted Crystal, who was able to communicate with Hoover, and he reluctantly told her he had eaten something he knew he should not have.  He described it to her as twisted "ropey" fibers, but as not being a big deal; he would pass it. 

"Well, he did not pass it, and as it became clear Hoover would die without operating, I insisted that he have exploratory surgery.  Lo and behold, inside our dog was indeed a fibrous material…actually strings from a decorative bed pillow fringe, that we later found he had torn up while we were gone. 

"Without Crystal being able to talk to him for us, he surely would not have survived.  Her ability to describe what he had eaten gave me the fortitude to insist on a treatment that the doctors were reluctant to perform.  This pet psychic saved Hoover's life. "

--Phyllis, California

"Crystal is an awesome pet psychic when it comes to our cats. Simba had been killing birds almost every day, even after we put multiple bells on his collar. I just could not bury one more dead bird.

"Crystal communicated with Simba, and discovered why he was doing it. It was shocking how easy it was to deal with this problem, and how much he has responded...It's like he's a different cat. Overnight."

--C.D., Forestville, CA

"My cat Tiger seemed to have difficulty using his litter box. After getting his background details from Crystal, our animal communicator, the vet found a minor obstruction which matched what Tiger had described to her, from his own point of view. Now he has resumed using his box, and seems to have resolved the issue. Thank goodness!"

--Anisa, Massachusetts

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"When I reached Crystal, I really needed her help. I had adopted Sasha, a very affectionate but complicated kitty who had been stuck in the shelter a long time, and kept creating self-inflicted wounds. She also had trouble toileting in unwelcome places, especially in my kitchen sink, her favorite spot!

"Crystal told me that Sasha could read my hesitation about whether we were a good fit for each other, and she was living in constant fear of being taken back to the shelter. Sasha told us she was, in fact, using my kitchen sink to eliminate because she thought that being able to wash her waste down the drain would make it more convenient, and more desirable for me to keep her. She had actually been trying to impress me!

 "Crystal helped me communicate to Sasha that my sink was a place for food, not a toilet. I reinforced this idea by putting a dish of cat food right next to my sink -- and the sink behavior stopped. Also at Crystal’s suggestion, I say goodbye to Sasha and tell her approximately when I am coming back; she knows for sure that I am her forever home.  I now come home to a purring kitty instead of accidents in my sink.

"I would absolutely recommend Crystal’s animal communication to anyone who feels that there is a gap between their intentions and what their animal is doing. She can help you bridge that gap and make everyone more content.  Thank you Crystal!"

--​Alison, Boston, MA

"Crystal really captured the character and essence of our animals, both living and crossed over. The things Crystal told me explained why our dog feared objects, and  - it was so amazing - how much he LOVES to drink water (he drinks more water than anyone on the planet!)

"Crystal is a very kind person who truly enjoys animal communication, and I want that type of person communicating with my "kids." She is very accurate, especially when it comes to the most unusual things."

--Lucienne Hebert 


"Crystal Ashley's ability to communicate with animals and their humans is remarkable - as is her courage to trust her instincts, no matter what the message.

"I asked Crystal about a tiny, troubled old dog of ours. She "saw" that Zowie wanted a denim backpack.

"All of us were a bit confused by this, until I remembered such a pouch hanging behind a door, ready for the Goodwill.  We had never used it for Zowie.

"But what a difference that made! Being nestled inside the carrier is exactly what Zowie wanted and needed. She is calmed by it, and begs to ride in the denim pack. I never would have known she wanted it, without Crystal's animal communication."

--K.H., Olympia, WA

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"My experience with Crystal as a pet psychic was astounding.  She connected with my beloved cat Caramel, whom we had to put down due to illness.

"When Crystal quoted Caramel, saying I could find peace if I went "out to the treehouse," I knew she had truly reached our cat. He had loved an old abandoned tree house, from previous owners...

"Thank you, Crystal, for your help in this very hard time. You made a huge difference in my grieving process."

--Lynda, Omak, WA

"Our animal communicator, Crystal Ashley, helped me out of a very tough situation. One of our horses, named Justice,  was terrorizing the rest of the herd, by biting and kicking them.  This was something that had started suddenly; the horse had been in the herd for years. 

"I told Crystal my dilemma with this, and that I needed this horse to stop the behavior right away, as the injuries were upsetting the Veterans that worked with these other (therapy) horses.

"Crystal made communication with the horse to find out the reason why his behavior had changed.  When she contacted me, she let me know what she had found out: She explained how I needed to let this horse know exactly what day he would be going home to his new owner (a Veteran whose life had been saved by not committing suicide because of working with this horse.) 

"The horse had been very confused, since this Veteran had not been in contact with the horse for a couple of months.  Per Crystal's advice, I verbally talked to the horse and gave him the date of when he would be going to live with his Veteran. I continued to let the horse know how many days as we counted down, until the move to his new home.

"The very same day that I had this conversation with the horse, he stopped kicking and biting the other horses.  I was amazed at the immediate change in his behavior. He never did it again.

"I want to thank Crystal for the great service that she provided to our program. Justice is doing just fine in his new home now.

Animal communication is clearly a very good tool to use for many situations."


--Debbi L. Fisher, Training Director, Hope for Heroes Equine Therapy Consulting, Rainier, WA