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Animal Communication for

Sharing Needed Information


Animal Avenues

​Sometimes our animals can offer missing info to us:  What do they need or want?

People commonly ask how animals might feel about their food (changes, reactions to food, flavor, wet or dry,  allergies.)

Other questions include how animal companions feel about members of the family (including other pets), what they think about adding new animals  to the herd or the house, how they will react to a new home/neighborhood/barn, or what items they wish to bring to a kennel ​or on vacation.

Sometimes our animals need to tell us that changes are not working: a new bed, collar, household products or toileting schedule.

One dog client of mine requested a change of bowl, because he couldn't stand the reflection in the shiny metal.

​I've had animals ask for surprising things--even a favorite toy, giving the  location of where it was lost. One dog asked to please bring a very specific dog treat, by name, when her human said they'd be moving to another country!