Animal Avenues

What may have happened in the past, that can inform us about your animal today?

Many of our animal companions  had experiences before we met them: previousowners, training, environments, conditions, and sometimes trauma.

Not only do these factors impact them, but almost all animals have lived many lives before--even as different animal species.

Sometimes what they tell us about their pasts can explain why they behave as they do, what they need or fear, and how deeply their memories do (or don't) affect them. (Many animals have moved on from trauma, and don't wish to revisit it.)

One of my clients was totally perplexed by her new young dog, who insisted on using the family bathtub to relieve himself.

When I probed him about this weird habit, he told us he had previously lived in a high-rise  apartment, where he was ‚Äčtrained ‚Äč to use a bathtub. He had to. He was very confused by encouragement (and pressure) to go elsewhere to "do his business."

Animal Communication about

Past Experiences


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