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How Our Animal Communication Works


Here are some helpful hints when booking a session with your animal communicator.

Remember: No telepathic communication is a replacement for consulting a veterinarian! Never delay that appointment if you have health concerns for your animal.

Not all animals want to cooperate, or connect intuitively, when people want to.
Like people, some animals are eager, vivid communicators; some are shy, and some are difficult to understand.

As your telepathy connection, I will do my best to pick up on the information you need. I can only try.  I won’t charge you if I can’t get a connection with your animal.

A photo by email (or postal mail) is the tool I use for contacting your animal. By using just a photo, I have very little information other than the animal's thoughts--I can't see the home, other pets, or get other knowledge that will influence me. At this point, I usually need as little info as possible, to be sure I am gathering just the animal’s ideas.

So, when we begin the session, remember to limit my info:  the animal’s name, approximate age,  and up to five specific questions you want answered by the animal.

Finally, you don’t have to believe in this intuitive connection to receive the service.  Like invisible radio or satellite waves, psychic connections with animals are just as real....there for the asking.