Animal Avenues


Find out about troubling or confusing behavior --from your animal's standpoint.

​Have you ever been confused, even mystified, by your animal companion's behavior? Sometimes they explain with reasoning we never expected.

Such things as jealousy, grieving a loved one, moving to a new location or changes of favorite food can account for odd behavior. It might be unexpected new rules or routines, or fears ​their human didn't know about.

I once had a client whose dog began dragging the family cat around quite roughly, which he had never done. The dog let us know that this cat had the convenience of a litter box, while the dog had to wait all day for the owners to let him out, and  he resented it.  His humans had no idea, and quickly changed their routine to show more respect for the dog. (By the way: the cat hadn't been taking it personally. She said, "No biggie; this is between the dog and our people.")

Animal Communication about Behavior

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