Animal Avenues

When our animals pass away, they often have helpful insights for us, from the spirit side.

​Losing a beloved animal is as hard as losing a human family member. The grief can be hard to endure, wishing we knew their side of the experience.

Sometimes the circumstances of animal illness and death, and not knowing the animal's wishes, bring people to an animal communicator.  It can be very reassuring to hear from the animal's perspective.

It's often asked if  euthanasia was timely, about pain upon passing, or  how they experienced "the bridge" between realms when animals cross over. Sometimes people request the animal to offer signs of love and hope in their daily life.

A client of mine was deeply grieving, and needed to ask her departed cat how she could find peace again. The cat told us she would always feel his presence in the old treehouse he loved, if she goes there.

My client's heart was greatly  comforted when she revisited his favorite spot.

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Animals in Spirit

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