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Crystal Ashley has been doing Animal Communication outreach since 2001.

She lives and practices in Lacey, Washington (near Olympia.)

I love animals, and have enjoyed the privilege of their companionship most of my life.

Having always respected their uniqueness and intelligence, years ago I began to intuit their thoughts and feelings. With a lot of study, classes and mentoring from excellent animal communicators, I began to  pass those successful insights on to friends, and eventually clients. I started my first  animal communication web site in 2008.

Animals surprise me constantly! As if waiting for us to finally listen, many of  our animal  friends are grateful for a chance to let us know their thoughts and requests.

Sometimes the solutions to frustrating health and behavioral puzzles are simple, when seen from the animal’s standpoint.

When we approach animals with respect and gratitude, their information, advice and wisdom can be astonishing.

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About Crystal Ashley, Animal Communication Specialist

If you have ever loved an animal, you know we connect.